Cow Dung Based Handicrafts: Step towards a Sustainable Future.

At Cowsblike, we’ve started a unique concept of crafting handicrafted items using cow dung. We aim to empower communities and protect the environment by creating sustainable handicraft products and organic solutions derived from cow dung.

This initiative serves a dual purpose: it not only supports the conservation of cows, but it also addresses major issues in our country such as pollution, deforestation, human health issues and traffic accidents etc. In this blog, we will take an in-depth look at these problems and find out how our cow dung handicrafts products can offer a solution. let’s get started!”

Table of Content

Problems & Solutions

Problem 1): – Unbalanced Resource Management and Pollution

According to a latest report 2023 India faces a significant environmental challenge, ranking as the THIRD-MOST POLLUTED COUNTRY GLOBALLY (Source:  Indian express).

This pollution stems from several factors:

Over 26,000 tones of plastic waste are generated daily in India (Source: CSIRO )

Lakhs of trees are cut down every year for the production of handicraft export items like wooden decor.

Solution: – Eco-Friendly Handicrafts
Our Business will offer a solution through innovative cow dung-based handicraft products. We replace traditional materials like wood and plastic with cow dung, a readily available and
renewable resource. This reduces deforestation and plastic waste generation, promoting a circular economy. Our products like clocks, wall frames, and decorative items showcase the unique beauty by minimizing environmental impact.

Problem 2): – Pollution from Religious Practices and Water Contamination
The immersion of idols made from Plaster of Paris (Pop) during festivals like Durga Puja
and Ganesh Chaturthi contaminates water bodies, harming aquatic life and impacting
human health as this water is often used for drinking and irrigation.

Solution: Sustainable Religious Idols
We offer a solution by creating sustainable cow dung-based idols. Unlike PoP idols, these
are eco-friendly and dissolve in water without causing harm. They can even act as a natural fertilizer when immersed.

Problem 3): Stray Cows and Traffic Accidents
Stray cows, often abandoned by owners after they stop producing milk, pose a significant
safety hazard. According to a report, nearly 25% of accidents in India are caused by Cattles on the streets.

Solution: Supporting Animal Welfare and Responsible Cattle Management
Our business model indirectly addresses this issue by creating a market for cow dung products. Will start Purchasing Cow dung from small farmers and cattle shelters. That will
reduce the number of abandoned animals on the streets and consequently, the risk of traffic accidents.

Problem 4): Unemployment and Lack of cultural art preservation
Despite government efforts, unemployment remains a challenge in India. Additionally,
traditional art forms like Pichwai painting, Shilpa art, etc., face neglect due to the popularity of digital art.

Solution: Job Creation and Cultural Preservation
Our business model creates jobs for local people by training them to produce our cow
dung handicrafts. We also collaborate with local artisans by incorporating traditional art
forms like Pichwai painting, Shilpa art, and Pattachitra art into our product designs. This
not only preserves cultural heritage but also provides a sustainable livelihood for these.

Problem 5 (Potential) : Mitigating Radiation from Electronic Devices
While further research is needed, initial findings on internet suggest cow dung may have
the potential to reduce harmful nuclear radiation emitted by electronic devices.

Solution: Exploring Radiation Reduction
I am exploring this potential benefit of cow dung and have a plan to conduct further
research with Geiger counters (an equipment to check nuclear radiation) and i need
help of relevant professionals to confirm its effectiveness. If someone can help me out on this then also do contact me because if it will be proven scientifically then, cow dung-
based products could offer a natural solution for reducing radiation exposure in homes.

Competitive Landscape and Market Opportunity.

Strong Domestic Market:
The Indian home decor market itself is experiencing significant growth, with a
projected revenue of US$376.40 million in 2024 and an anticipated CAGR of
7.70% until 2029, reaching a market volume of US$545.40 million (Source:
Statista). This indicates a growing domestic demand for stylish and innovative home décor products.

Unique Market Position: While the decorative handicraft market is well-established, a significant gap exists for eco-friendly options.

There’s a limited presence, if any, in the segment of handcrafted home decor items like wall decor, photo frames and clocks specifically made from cow dung.

Sustainable Advantage and Government Support: Our company offers a unique and sustainable solution not only for eco-conscious consumers but also for government institutions seeking to reducetheir environmental footprint. Cow dung handicrafts are a viable alternative to traditional plastic clocks and other decorative items commonly used in Govt. offices, schools, and hospitals.

Long-Term Vision:

Our vision extends beyond just commercial success. We aim to:

Spread Awareness: By establishing a successful business model, we can
inspire and educate others about the potential of cow dung handicrafts.

Empower Local Communities: We envision a future where our knowledge and production techniques are shared, enabling local communities to adopt this sustainable practice at a grassroots level.

Create a Societal Shift: Our ultimate aim is to create a positive societal. change by promoting eco-friendly alternatives and responsible resource management.

Products and Services

In the initial stage of our business, our main focus is on connecting with B2B(Buisness to Buisness bulk deals). However, individual customers are also welcome to connect with us. Please note that product delivery may take some time as items will only be prepared upon booking an order.
For Orders/Business queries: – Contact Us through WhatsApp 9530055441 or EMAIL.

Basic info about our cow dung handicrafts: Our products are made purely of Cow dung, and it won’t smell bed, ensuring they are completely eco-friendly and sustainable. Despite being made from Cow dung, they are not easily breakable. Additionally, the products have a coating that protects them from moisture, although it’s important to avoid direct contact with water. These products are suitable for indoor use as office and home decor, such as in lobbies, living rooms, and pooja rooms. Continued exposure to water for more than 15 days can cause them to break down into manure.




Remember, together we can make a change, sharing this information and embracing sustainable practices, we can truly make a difference. Let’s join hands to build a greener future for generations to come.