Cows on Bed!! How the ‘Cowsblike’ Journey Began”

Our Gaupalan Journey started in 2014 and it’s still going strong in 2024. I’ll cover briefly how Bringing Cows on the Bed Started, unlike Dogs and Cats. If I were to tell every little thing from then till now, it would turn into a big documentary. So, I’ll just tell you the main things to keep this short.

It all began when we saw a sick calf in 2014. It made us realize that being human is about helping voiceless too. We brought a Orphan cow at home, named Her Gopi and in 2017, when she had a calf, we were so happy. 


We put the calf on a sack in our Varanda, but when we went inside, we found the calf had followed us, climbed onto the bed, and immediately that calf sat on bed. from this We thought, “If people can keep dogs inside, why not a calf too?” we named that calf surbhi


So, we started keeping them that way, 

(Note)- If you have cows and want to take them inside your house, then make sure that your floor is not too slippery, otherwise the cows will fall and get harmed. 


later, in 2018, we posted the first video of our cow on the bed on Instagram, just to Spread the love and let People know that little cows can also be taken in this way. That’s how “Cowsblike” started on social media, and then on YouTube, Facebook and on other handles our cow family journey began.

Gopi, who had Surbhi, Gauri, Ganga, Prithu, and Prabha, later she passed away in 2022 due to the lumpy virus.

Surbhi had one calf, Vrishbh, whom we entrusted to someone else for care due to less space . Unfortunately, both Surbhi and Vrishbh are no more as per their current owner

As for Gauri, she was given to a caring individual and is thriving in a farm surrounded by other cows. The last update we had on Gauri was in 2022. We’ll share more about her once we reconnect with her current owner.”

There’s a lot more to tell, a lot has happened from 2015 to 2024, but I’ll save that for another time. In year 2022 we sold our house & currently we are living natural life with our cows in a rented farm, Our journey has just begun, and we’re excited to see where it takes us.